Glass Processing

Prima Glass has invested in state of the art glass processing machinery from Italy. We are able to cut, polish, drill holes and cut-outs to your specification.

Mirror Beveling

At Prima Glass we are able to offer a high quality service specialising in the bevelling and shaping of glass and mirrors. Bevels act as prisms in the sunlight creating an interesting colour diffraction. A straight bevel is a straight line polished around the periphery of the glass. Our bavelloni straight line Bevelling Machines have a capacity to bevel on glass up to a thickness of 25mm with a bevel size from 5mm to 45 mm. Our machines can bevel a small square up to a very large panels. Prima Glass are one of the few companies in South Africa that specialise in shape bevelling. We have skilled tradesmen and high quality machinery allowing us to produce a high quality finish to your exact requirements.

Glass Toughening

Toughened glass is also referred to as tempered glass and is up to four times stronger than ordinary glass. If broken it disintegrates into small fragments with dulled edges that are unlikely to cause serious injury.


Sandblasting involves propelling fine sand particles at high velocity onto a glass service. This is a precision method and our craftsmen are extremely skilled in this process. Simple borders can be sandblasted onto our glass and mirrors. Our sandblasting is carried out in-house and we use a fully automatic sandblasting machine for applying designs to shower doors, shower mirrors, table tops and any other applications.

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